Give Your Customers
A New Ordering

Main Features

  • No monthly fees
  • No onboarding fees
  • Eco-friendly paperless receipts
  • Inventory Management
  • Detailed reporting
  • Order food without speaking with anybody.
  • Next day settlement . You receive your money in 24hours
  • Mini epos system, get emailed when stock levels are running low.
  • Multiple currency options
  • Multiple language options
  • Profit and loss analytics
  • Customers can review items
  • Best sold dishes analytics
  • See detailed Allergy information on your menu
  • Create custom vouchers and coupon codes for your offers
  • Save your customers details for retargeting campaigns later.
  • Offering solutions across the GCC Region and European Region.
  • No app download needed

Real time transaction data so you can see everything as the business owner you can log in from your phone via your designated administration panel and check the statistics without having to call any of your staff.

Seamless ordering brought to your hotel for your food and beverage services.

Fully whitelabelled solution branded as your hotel. We are giving you the power back as the customer will only see your brand on our solution as its fully whitelabelled.

Get started with the latest technology enabling seamless ordering allowing you to save money and time on staffing costs.

We allow your customer journey to be flawless with our Creative solution

Room Service

POS Device

Pay At Table

Click & Collect


About Food Butler

At Food Butler, we are revolutionizing the way the hospitality industry can engage with their customers through our cutting-edge mobile payment and seamless ordering platform solution. We understand the evolving needs of modern businesses that offer room service, dine in, table ordering, and delivery. We have developed a seamless solution to enhance their operations and provide an exceptional customer experience without having to speak to any staff.

QR Code Solution No Download Needed

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Our Services

Our best Food Butler service

At Food Butler, we believe in the power of technology to transform businesses and elevate customer experiences. Our mission is to provide a reliable, user-friendly, and scalable platform that helps businesses thrive in an increasingly digital world. We are dedicated to supporting our clients in optimizing their operations, driving customer engagement, and staying ahead of the competition.

Join us at Food Butler and unlock a world of possibilities for your business. Experience the future of mobile payment and ordering platforms, tailored to your specific needs and designed to exceed your customers’ expectations. Together, let’s create seamless and memorable experiences for your customers, one order at a time.

Room Service Integration

Food Butler extends its functionality to the hospitality sector, enabling hotels to provide a seamless room service experience for their guests. Our platform simplifies the ordering process and facilitates efficient communication between guests and hotel staff.

Mobile Payment Integration

Our platform seamlessly integrates with various payment gateways, allowing businesses to accept payments securely and efficiently. With this capability, customers can complete transactions within seconds, eliminating the hassle of traditional payment methods.

Delivery Management

Food Butler offers a comprehensive delivery management system that enables businesses to efficiently process and track delivery orders. From order assignment to real-time tracking and delivery notifications, our platform ensures a smooth and reliable delivery experience.

Click and Collect

We understand the increasing demand for click and collect services. Food Butler enables businesses to seamlessly implement click and collect functionality, empowering customers to place orders in advance and pick them up at their convenience.

Table Ordering

Enhancing the dining experience, Food Butler allows customers to browse menus, place orders, and make table reservations right from their smartphones. This feature eliminates the need for traditional menus and improves order accuracy and efficiency.

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